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This Is Why Afia Schwarzenegger’s Viral Video Was Blocked On YouTube

We reported that radio and TV presenter Afia Schwarzenegger was arrested somewhere in Accra. This was as a result of a chaos which happened at Omotuo joint at Agbobga Junction in Accra. The report came with a video of the scene which happened on Sunday afternoon. This video went viral after many media houses reported the story but sadly, people couldn’t access it again.

In less than 24 hours, I saw on my Youtube channel that the video had been blocked by Ohenemedia. The copyright claim prevented people from watching the video from any part of the world.

Ohenemedia has come clean on the issue saying they did not block the video. He said a person they monetize the channel for might have done that because they have no idea of the video blockage.

Talking on Pluzz FM early Wednesday morning with Sammy Flex on AM Pluzz, Abraham Ohene Djan explained “We basically just monetize channel for people. I believe that somebody’s channel that we monetize has claimed the video and we might not be aware but because we control the channel, it will appear as Ohenemedia.”

When we contacted Abraham Ohene Djan on the matter, he asked us to file for dispute because he has not noticed it in their data. Minutes after the dispute was filed, he called back to inform us that the video has been freed. He mentioned one Alfred Frimpong as the person who uploaded the video on his “Ohenemedia” platform which brought about the blockage.

Below is the video we are talking about if you have not watched it





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