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The Way Forward For Effutu To Becoming A Peaceful And An Industrious Town To Promote Development

Winneba is for us all as inhabitants. Our duty is to assist in developing the place as young entrepreneurs and not politicians.

However, we are all politicians in a way once we pay taxes to the nation. Winneba is in its deplorable state. Know jobs for the youth, know peace between the two clans that rules Winneba. In the view of these, Winneba needs peace to create an enabling environment for investors and the inhabitants to live well and progress to a higher height.

A town full of creativity, yet the place is not well grounded when it comes to development. Not to talk of the numerous factories that has collapsed. On the other hand, lots of beer bars and churches has flooded the town. Take a look at the environment and surroundings in Winneba, does it seem attractive for investors to come there to invest?

The Assembly men and women are not working as mandated by the law established.

What is the municipal assembly doing to build our communities within the township? Things are hard everywhere, but we can do better. It’s sad that instead of the youth to work within the town to sustain development, they are forced to sort for greener pastures elsewhere.

More are working outside Winneba. The heartbreaking thing is that, the income generated as monthly salaries are spend on transportation and other upkeeps.

How can they save for their future?

Where the is no peace there is also no development. We can easily turn Winneba into an industrious town. Effutu has beautiful sceneries such as the sea, beautiful resorts yet the elders in Winneba are not doing anything about it, we need to hold the bull by the horn to aid fix out town as patriotic inhabitants of Effutu.

There is the need to unanimously join heads and minds to develop the town without politics. However, the leaders of Effutu need to see the relevance of settling conflicts between the two clans and the Asafo Accompany or groups immediately to make sure they unite to build a befitting palace for the kingship and also amend certain rules concerning sanitation within our communities through the municipal assembly through bylaws locally to help generate revenue to develop various communities within Winneba. Gone are the days, where festivals brought many investors and tourist to the town. Hotels were booked ahead of time; amusement centers and market places were very busy buying and selling.

Initially, many people use to journey to Winneba to boast the economy of the town, business was booming for business men and market women but lately, the state of the market, the road network of the communities has become very bad, no upgraded banks, limited automated teller machines (ATM) across the township and to get access to one that will be getting to the University campuses (UEW) before you can be sorted which is disturbing. On the other hand, fishing which is one of the major livelihoods of the indigens is no more pulling strings that is to say it’s down making survival in Winneba unbearable. Most of our youths have turned into beggars. Is that what we want?

Look at the colors they are introducing to the festival, they are only two colors namely red and white. In the past, musical sounds like V103, X105, MLS etc use to come to Winneba for the celebration of the Aboakyir festival to organize concerts for the people which also brought funds to the town through ticketing and watching of home video at Copa. What has happened to all of that? Today, most private homes have been turned into hotels, due to lack of accommodation for the University students. Must we sit idle as inhabitants and watch our town get destroyed right before our eyes with political diversion? If No, then the action starts now.



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