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The gods say Janet Bandu is alive – Bandu family

Until they have heard otherwise from the gods, the family of Janet Bandu, the lady who went missing alongside hiplife artiste, Castro, after a jet-ski accident at the Ada Estuary last year, believe she is still alive.

As at now, consultations with the oracles show Janet is still alive and as a result, the family cannot hold a funeral although her disappearance is a few days short of one year.

“We can’t hold a funeral for her because she is not dead. We don’t believe that at all,” were the words of Ex-CPO Baba Anafo, the maternal uncle of Janet when Showbiz caught up with the family at Olebu in Accra recently.

For the former Ghana Navy officer who spoke on behalf of the family, their customs, traditions and practices forbid them from holding a funeral for a deceased until the gods have shown a sign.

“We come from Tongo in the Upper East Region and belong to the Talensi tribe. We have processes and traditions we practise as a people and as a native, we have consulted the right oracles and so far, the feedback has been positive.

“Our gods haven’t shown any sign that they are dead. If they were, it would have been revealed to us and we would have performed the proper rites for her. But as we speak now, we are still very hopeful that Janet and Castro will be found,” he confidently said.

Mr Anafo who confirmed he is a devout Moslem defended why the family consulted the oracles saying “this has nothing to do with being a Christian or Muslim. It is the custom, practices and traditions of my people and I have no influence over it.

“When such things happen, it is the traditional leaders and soothsayers who handle the situation and as I said earlier, they haven’t given us any false hope yet”.

On July 6, 2014, when the jet-ski accident happened, Castro was in the company of his friend and captain of the Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan, who together with some friends had lodged at the Peace Holiday Resort in Ada for a weekend.

Castro was said to have taken one of the jet skis available out on a cruise on the Volta River with Janet. The two never returned from the “trip” and it was feared that they had drowned particularly, when the jet ski was found afterwards.

According to Mr Anafo, “some people wanted to harvest out of this sad situation”. He told Showbiz about how some spiritualists, ‘good Samaritans’ and even pastors wanted to cash in the situation for monetary gains.

“There was this pastor who called my sister, Janet’s mother from Nsawam saying she should donate all her properties and savings as payment in order to find Castro and Janet. So I asked him why we can’t donate to any church in Accra but his?” he said.

Describing his niece as an affable, intelligent and a pretty young lady, Mr. Anafo said but for her sudden disappearance, Janet would have been a popular figure on the showbiz scene today.

“Also, as if our daughter’s disappeance is not enough, some people are making the pain worse for us by peddling unsavoury rumours about her. Some of the news we heard about our daughter was really heartbreaking. Let me tell you boldly today that Janet comes from a good home”, he said.

At this point, he stood up from his seat and said, “This is my house. Janet is my elder sister’s daughter. Her older siblings are working in the various security organisations. My niece couldn’t have come from a poor home where she wasn’t well catered for.

He also disclosed that ever since the incident happened, the family hasn’t set eyes on the said female friend who took Janet along on the trip. But to the family, Janet’s friend isn’t the only guilty one here.

“It’s almost a year, and Asamoah Gyan and his family haven’t even sent a word to our family. Well, we have nothing to tell them, we leave everything in God’s hands since He knows best”, he added.

According to Mr Anafo, Janet who turned 25 years on February 19, this year is the last of six children of Staff Sergeant Joe Bandu and Mrs. Lariba Bandu.

Janet was an upcoming actress who took part in Multi TV’s reality show; I’m in Love with Bomaye, in 2012.

Source: Daily Graphic


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