Home NEWS The borderless continent is key to stop future wars – King Oyanka

The borderless continent is key to stop future wars – King Oyanka

The Chairman of the World Human Rights Council for West Africa King Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I has charged Africans to stay home and build Africa.

King Oyanka added that a borderless continent is a key solution to stop future wars.

“Finding work and escaping economic hardship is the most cited reason to consider migration. Fully in line with our earlier findings that unemployment is the major Africans want their leaders to address and that among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG8) which talks about decent work and economic growth”.

King Oyanka who is also the President of the Anamase Royal Council furthermore called on African seeking greener pastures to return home and help build the African continent and those planning of going should rethink their decision.

“Those thinking of seeking greener pastures should rather think about building Africa to make it a better place. It the time now for us to apply the borderless continent because it’s a key solution to avoid future wars”.

According to him, Africa has a long history of mobility. Before colonisation, nomads crossed what are now international borders, trade caravans strode the Sahara, and many Africans migrated during the dry season before returning with the rains.

“We can’t wait for a war to break up for us to start running back home to Africa. King Oyanka warned.  We are going to be seeing Wars and Epidemics from time to time until the end of the world, It not going to end with Ukraine or Russia, what is happening now is Wake up call for African leaders to build Africa to enable good living conditions for it citizen”, he added.  


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