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Stay off my daughter’s ‘sistagram’ – Gifty Osei’s mother warns

Lady Chicago also known as Maame Fante have hinted she has hold up enough trying to refrain from commenting to Facebook feeds and other verbal attacks that has recently flooded in on her daughter Gifty Osei’s social media wall (Timeline) but feels it high time people paddle their own canoe because enough is enough.

She said her daughter has suffered and struggled enough to get this far and wouldn’t allow such attacks to tarnish the gospel icon’s brand.

“Enough is enough! Don’t venture Gifty’s Facebook wall at all or her “sistergram” or “brothergram”, yeah I heard there’s something like that too” she said.

She further pointed out that a typical example was when her daughter posted a selfie of her on Instagram, according to her she never imagined it would become the subject of cruel internet vitriol.

And it is time people leave her daughter alone; people should learn to deal with their own problems and just let Gifty be.

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