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Sarkodie details how his grandmother, Mary died in his car

Sarkodie has been the favorite artist of the masses in Ghana and across the globe. His latest album, Mary which was released September 12, 2015 was named after his grandmother who he lost 2 years ago.

Sarkodie in a recent interview with J.O.E.L on the Dryve of Ur Lyfe narrated how he watched his grandmother pass on right before his eyes.

Talking about his inspiration for his Mary album which will be available today for purchase narrated;

“Mary Lokko was my granny, one stubborn woman who was always on my neck about doing live music. She was Fante and Ewe. And Granny was very strong and made me a very confident as a person. She never panics about anything.

“She was my biggest fan and always wanted me to give her one of my T Shirts which she called singlet. She had a store named even had a shop she named Give and Take and her motto was ‘Don’t always take, sometimes you also give’. When she was growing up they had a sound that made sense to her but as artists if you listen closely to the sounds we make now you will understand why they kept complaining.

“Because of what we say and the emotions behind what we say, sometimes it’s too raw, it’s hard to listen to our verses for ten years and there were times she will tell you, ‘I heard your song on air but I wish you had some guitars in it’.

“And I was being stubborn because I have Jayso, Fortune Dane, Magnom and others who can do all these things but when she left it hit me hard.”

The Odo Menkoa rapper continued;

“It happened over night. I picked her in my car and she died in my car before we got to the hospital. I saw everything as it happened.

“I lost her two years ago. I had this big concert in Kumasi, when I came back, seven after that concert, she passed on. So that was like I was being stubborn and didn’t play that live album. So I realized it was time I did that to honor her. That’s why we did this album and named it after her. And September 12 is her birthday, that’s why we putting the album out on September 12.”
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