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Safeguarding COA-RMLC’s Integrity: Professor Samuel Ato Duncan Leads the Charge

Amidst the buzz of anticipation at the Exim Bank Hall in Accra, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, the distinguished President General of COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC), took the podium. With gravitas, he traced COA-RMLC’s evolutionary path, from its humble beginnings in 2006 to its current prominence as a trailblazer in natural medicine. Noteworthy was the transformation of COA FX into COA Mixture, along with the recent expansion to include COA Plus Mixture and COA MT Mixture in 2023.

However, amidst these strides, Professor Duncan swiftly addressed a critical concern: brand misuse. Firmly, he warned against the deceptive marketing tactics employed by some to sell products resembling COA Mixture at lower prices, highlighting the risks posed to consumers and the company’s integrity. Seamlessly transitioning, he shed light on pricing dynamics, ensuring transparency in the face of slight fluctuations due to operational requirements.

Professor Duncan delved further into product differentiation, elucidating the specific benefits of each COA variant in promoting general well-being, boosting immune function, and addressing malaria. Concomitantly, he vehemently rebuked the proliferation of unauthorized marketing materials falsely portraying COA products as universal cures, emphasizing the importance of responsible marketing practices.

Before Professor Duncan’s address, Pilot Queen Princess Duncan, the dynamic Deputy CEO of COA Research and Manufacturing Limited Company, warmly welcomed attendees. She reassured stakeholders of COA-RMLC’s unwavering commitment to excellence, detailing proactive measures to combat brand misuse and uphold consumer trust.

In his closing remarks, Professor Duncan reiterated COA-RMLC’s steadfast dedication to advancing natural medicine responsibly. He invited stakeholders to join hands in ensuring the accurate dissemination of information and the responsible utilization of COA products, thereby safeguarding consumer welfare and preserving the company’s esteemed reputation.


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