Home NEWS Rwandan President meets with StarTimes Chairman to strengthen collaboration

Rwandan President meets with StarTimes Chairman to strengthen collaboration

Rwandan President meets with StarTimes Chairman to strengthen collaboration

On July 28, President Kagame of Rwanda held a meeting with Pang Xinxing, Chairman of StarTimes Group, to discuss further collaboration between the Rwandan government and StarTimes.

During the meeting, Chairman Pang expressed his gratitude to President Kagame and the Rwandan government for their continuous support and assistance to StarTimes. He briefed President Kagame on the development progress of StarTimes Group and StarTimes Rwanda. Pang highlighted the recent launch of the StarTimes Inside digital TV set in the Rwandan market, which incorporates the latest R&D technology and boasts significant improvements over previous products. He further revealed plans to introduce smart TV sets with new built-in technology in the first half of the next year, aiming to provide the Rwandan people with an enhanced digital TV experience. Pang reiterated StarTimes’ commitment to accelerate the popularization of digital TV and contribute to the advancement of digital TV in Rwanda.

President Kagame expressed his pleasure in meeting with the StarTimes delegation again. He praised the remarkable development and achievements of StarTimes and commended the high-tech products offered by the company. The President assured StarTimes of the Rwandan government’s unwavering support and willingness to bolster the company’s business growth in Rwanda.

The meeting was attended by other prominent figures, including Ingabire Paula, Minister of ICT and Innovation, Nelly Mukazayire, Deputy CEO of RDB, Wang Fan, CEO of StarTimes Rwanda, and Meng Li, General Manager of StarTimes Media Company.

Rwanda holds a significant place in StarTimes’ African operations as it marked the beginning of the company’s venture on the continent. In 2007, after persistent efforts, StarTimes obtained the digital TV operation license from the Rwandan government, becoming the first operation license the company secured in Africa.

Since officially launching its operations in Rwanda the following year, StarTimes has rapidly gained popularity among users due to its affordable prices and high-quality services. The successful establishment of StarTimes’ business in Rwanda played a pivotal role in the company’s expansion across Africa.

Today, StarTimes is a renowned media group operating in over 30 African countries, engaged in digital TV and Internet video services, serving a vast user base of more than 40 million digital TV and mobile end users. The meeting between President Kagame and Chairman Pang signifies a strong commitment to furthering their collaboration and advancing digital TV technology in Rwanda.


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