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Prioritise The Needs of Your People – Nii Oyanka Urges Anamase Chiefs

The Overlord of Oblieman in the Ga West Municipality of Greater Accra Region of Ghana, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, has urged the chiefs and elders of Anamase to prioritise the needs of their people and the community.
Nii Oblieman, who holds international appointments including the position as the CEO of Centre for International Chamber of Commerce (CICC) in West Africa, stated that the youth of both Anamase Kingdom and Abola Piam Tunmaa We Dynasty needed jobs to survive.
He explained that the youth in Ghana are suffering and all the governments are not creating enough jobs to reduce the unemployment rate amongst them in the country.
This, according to him, accelerates the social vices in the country, like armed robbery, kidnapping, money rituals and murder cases amongst others.
In view of this, he told the chiefs and elders of Anamase that is high time jobs are created to reduce the unemployment situation in the area considerably; “this could lead to bringing down these immoral activities”, Nii Oyanka I, charged.
The Overlord of Oblieman, who doubles as the Chairman of both Abola Piam and Anamase Royal Councils, hinted that the newly installed chiefs and Queen Mothers from the USA into various capacities are also members of the two noble councils.
He pointed out that these chiefs and Queen Mothers are eveready to support him to create the opportunities for the youth of both Oblieman in Accra and Anamase in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
Nii Oyanka I, who has the youth at heart, was confident that when they are able to create the necessary jobs for the people these social vices which include teenage pregnancy will be history.
The Oblieman Queen Mother in charge of Business and Development, Naa Adaklu Mansa I, indicated they are going to establish a number of factories that would employ lots of the youth.
Naa Mansa I, explained that they would ensure some youth are given capacity-building whilst others would be taken through forms of skills training to be self-employed.
She disclosed before the durbar organised in their honour by the chiefs and people of Anamase that the Afro-Americans are more than willing to return home to help develop their motherland, Africa, where inhumane slavery took place.
On his part, Nii Kenkeenfior, known in private life as Michael Allen Sheffield,  reiterated that they have to support to bring jobs and development to the youth of the aforementioned two communities in Ghana.
He disclosed at the durbar that China owes his financial institution huge sums of money and when that amount was to be directed could transform Ghana and Africa where youth unemployment could be curtailed.
Nii Kenkeenfior and his colleagues were very elated they are coming back to Ghana, Africa, and the chieftaincy titles given to them, strengthen their recognition as real black Africans from royal homes.
Speaking on behalf of his colleagues at the durbar, he indicated that they are not pleased with the situations they saw their brethren in, this short while they stay in Ghana, and they are of strong conviction that they have to do something to help rescue the situation at all cost.
Nana Obeng Asiedu, Akim Swedruhene (Swedru Chief) who chaired the durbar indicated that the slave masters dehumanised the slaves they took in Africa, Ghana to transform their countries to what they are today.
The toil of these slaves made these countries like the USA what they are today, and everyone, especially the youngsters get attracted and want to go and seek for greener pastures there.
Akim Swedruhene, though, not happy with the inhumane attitude the whites subjected the fellow Africans during slavery, he lauded the move by the grandchildren of these honourable persons coming home to help transform Ghana and Africa.
To this effect, he called for a minute standing ovation in honour of the Afro-Americans who Nii Oyanka I, graciously installed chiefs to change the face of both Oblieman and Anamase communities.
In complimenting the Nii Oblieman newly installed Chiefs for choosing Anamase as additional communities they would want to help, Swadrohene asserted that when a youth gets a job, his/her family become a bit safe.


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