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Police investigate death of 5-year-old girl

The police in Wa say they are suspecting foul play in the death of a five-year-old girl of the Bishop Day Nursery in Wa in the Upper West region.

Father of the 5-year old girl, Yaw Asani reported to the Wa police last Thursday about the disappearance of the five-year-old girl, Mufidatu Yaw Tuurosung after heavy rains.

On Monday morning, a local pito seller reported a repugnant smell emanating from an uncompleted two bedroom structure.

The Wa police came to the scene and with the help of some community members, removed the decomposed body from the cesspit.

A shocked father deceased denied it was his daughter until some beads on the decomposed body confirmed his fears that his daughter was dead.

The family was thrown into instant grief.

According to ASP Joy Kudzo Afagbedzi their initial investigation pointed to foul play.

This is because the house in which the child was found is a walled building with the gates locked. He said the police had to break into the house to find the decomposing body

“There is actually nowhere this five-year-old can actually pass through to access the place so in the interim we are treating it as suspected murder.”

Investigations have since began and the police are looking to establish who owns the uncompleted building.

Source: Joy Online



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