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Photos + Video – Bisa Kdei Pulls Massive Crowd Inside Akina City, Tachiman

Last weekend, Bisa Kdei and his Black Legendary Music Crew were inside Tachiman to headline a show inside Akina City.

The high life singer who is so far the most loved Ghanaian musician in the city deemed it a pleasure to party with patrons at Akina City and also, to appreciate the love and support they have been giving him from day-1.

As they arrived, Bisa Kdei and his team were highly welcomed by reputable people in the town and right after that, they were being carried by a convoy through out the city and other radio stations to confirm his performance for the night.

I didnt know he had a very massive fan base out there because, the number of people who pack at the entrance of the radio stations they visited were even enough to organize them for an event.

Bisa Kdei later in the night (somewhere around 11 pm) got to the play ground to party with patrons at the event.

The event had a lot of people than organizers expected and according to sources, that is so far the biggest show ever in Akina City.

Bisa Kdei performed for a long time starting with his latest single ‘Mansa’ off his upcoming #BreakThrough Album which would be released later this year.

In my review on #Mansa (a song by Bisa Kdei) few weeks ago, i stated how Bisa Kdei, a singer-rapper who is fairly skilled at both ways has just given us the addiction of good songs we missed some years back.

In my review, i explained why #MANSA By ‘Bisa Kdei’ Brings To Mind The Sweetness Of The 90’s – READ MORE HERE..

He blessed their night with songs like Saa, I Love You, Brotherhood, Love Letter, Atomesu, Odo Carpenter, Kutu, Azonto Ghost, Azonto Fiesta, and the list keeps going on.

Behind the console was Rodney Lotto Billz, the official dj for Bisa Kdei and the Black Legendary Music Crew.

After the performance, Bisa Kdei and his BLMC had an after party fun with citizens under the event; he gave each person the chance to take pictures with him and shared some entertaining moments with them on the dance floor.

Due to the massive turnout of crowd at the event, Bisa Kdei is likely to headline another show there soon.

Watch how Bisa Kdei won their hearts with his latest single, Mansa..

Video and pictures below..









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