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PHOTOS: ‘Unicorn woman’ set to have ‘horn’ removed from head

Doctors in China are set to remove a ‘unicorn horn’ from the head of an 87 year old woman named Liang Xiuzhen in Guiyan village in Ziyang City, in south-west China’s Sichuan Province. The elderly woman, known locally as the ‘unicorn woman’ because of the 13cm-long horn on top of her head which began to grow about 2 years ago.

Doctors are astounded by the abnormal growth. According to Wang Chaojun, Xiuzhen’s son, the growth started about 8 years ago “My mother complained about this mole-like growth on her head that itched all the time.

We found ways to cure her itch using traditional Chinese medicine, and then left it be.”

But two years ago, the mole turned to a growth…which rapidly grew into this horn in about 6 months. “Now the horn hurts my mother and prevents her from sleeping. It also bleeds from time to time.”

the son said.

Doctors in China say it’s “cornu cutaneum” (cutaneous horn), a keratinous skin tumour that has the appearance of a horn. Often small and benign, the growth can in some cases be much larger and malignant.

The doctors say they can remove the growth through surgery but her family have reservations because of the woman’s age “My mother is old, and the horn is on her head which is a very sensitive area.

I’m not confident in the idea of surgery. If something goes wrong during surgery, it would be terrible.” the son said. He also said they are considering other option.


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