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Payola’ DJs would be cursed for failing to play songs – Nacee

Source: Adomonline.com

Musician and sound engineer, Nana Sei (Nacee) has said radio DJs and presenters stand the risk of attracting curses if they fail to play songs they have received money to promote.

The musician of ‘No Tribe’ fame said this in an interview with Mike ‘2’ on Adom Entertainment Hall show on Adom FM.

“If you know you are a presenter or a DJ and has taken a musician’s money to play his or her song and you are not playing, just return the money or receive a curse. As the person worries over his songs not being played, then he/she indirectly evoke curses on you”, he warned.

He maintained that, several potential hit songs had been ‘killed’ by some presenters as a result of their inability to play the songs.

“How can you refuse to play a song you have taken big money for…?” he asked. To this end, he urged all offending DJs and presenters to return monies to their victims or offer sincere apologies to avert any future curse.

In another development, the singer is offering 60% discount on the studio fee to the first 50 people who would come to record to enable new artistes show their talent in music.



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