Home NEWS Padi Home Decor,  IYF Equips Ashale Botwe Newtown Youths With Handy Skills

Padi Home Decor,  IYF Equips Ashale Botwe Newtown Youths With Handy Skills

Padi Home Decor in collaboration with International Youth Fellowship (IYF) has organised a one-day capacity building training for residents of Ashale Botwe Newtown.

The initiative carved seeks to equip the youth with entrepreneurial skills to thrive.

Speaking in an interview with journalists Mr Patrick Padi, the CEO of Padi Home Decor elaborated on the need for youths to be entrepreneurs, and not to solely depend on anyone or engaged in criminal activities.

He added that learning handy skills empowers youths and also deters temptation from the devil as one becomes busier when he or she is been engaged.

“However,  this is not a night day wonder show but rather something we will like to do every quarterly to help the youths and to reduce the unemployment rate among the youths. It is also our prayer to expand this training through the length and breadth of this country”.

Hajia Sauda, the CEO of Sauda Restaurant urged the participants especially the women not to learn and sleep over it, but to start their own businesses that will enable them to earn income and support themselves.

Rev. Jae Kyun Yang, a mindset training specialist,  said “mindset education is very important in one’s life. For someone or for a country to thrive, one must change his or her mindset”.

Explaining the success story of South Korea after the war, he said South Korea has no natural resources but rather had leaders with mindset education to build the country to its current state.

He urged everyone present at the event to change their mindset. Emphasising having a change of mindset and adapting to new ways of doing things can lead to greatness in life.

 Nii Ashale Oblahia Maste expressed excitement, as he noted that the training is crucial to addressing vulnerability in the area. Adding that this will go a long way to help the beneficiaries.

The training which was on Ashale Botwe Newtown park saw hundreds of youths part take in the first edition of training.

The participants were verbally taken through the procedures of the Pastry Making, Beauty and Special Effects Make Up, Air Conditioning Installation and Window Blind Installation.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and assured the organizers to utilize the skills gained.

They also seized the opportunity to urge the organizers to constantly organise such productive training in the area to help the youths.


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