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Owusu Bempah Warns Mahama… ‘No gay marriage in Ghana’

Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah, leader of Glorious Word Ministry International, has cautioned President Mahama that Ghana stands the risk of incurring the wrath of God if the country decriminalises homosexual activities.

The popular preacher said all countries that have accepted gay rights have been cursed by God and that Ghana would not be an exception if the country took a pro-gay stance, adding that the President should therefore not tolerate any attempt to push any gay right agenda in Ghana.

“I would ask President John Mahama to take cue from Professor Mills who said his Bible does not support gay rights and ensure Ghana does not bow to foreign pressure, else we would be cursed. If the western countries decide not to give us loans and grants because we are anti gay, so be it. After all what has our leaders done with all the loans and grants they have received over the years,” Owusu Bempah stated on Okay Fm in an interview with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese.

Owusu Bempah’s comments were in relation to ongoing debate on gay right issues after the United States recently legalised same sex marriage nationwide.

The popular preacher continued: “John Mahama can also learn from Robert Mugabe who said he is against gay rights and that he may have to travel to the White House to propose marriage to Obama if America indeed insists on gay rights.

“God created a man to marry a woman and that is final. Same sexes cannot marry. I am calling on all Muslim leaders to voice out because we know the Quran does not believe in gay rights.

“We are already in crisis so there is no need to worsen our situation with the negative results of gay rights. Let us be very clear to President Mahama that we are suffering and he should not worsen our situation with gay rights issues,” he added.


In a separate interview, dreaded traditional priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam also asked  President Mahama to re-assure Ghanaians his government would not hide behind the cloak of ‘civil rights’ to legalise same sex marriages.

“What I see is that our leaders are not sure what position to take on this homosexuality rights issue and that is why we must ask our president and direct questions on Ghana’s position on homosexuality and why we have not joined the international debate. When I went to New York recently, the debate was very heated there but in Ghana, we are silent on it though we know the homosexuals are increasing in number and getting more people involved,” Bonsam told NEWS-ONE in Twi.

He continued: “All our leaders say Ghana is not in support of homosexuality and we have laws against homosexuality yet almost every Ghanaian knows where to find someone involved in homosexuality; and it is surprising that we pretend homosexuality is a crime but we do not deal with the people who commit that crime.

“Even our big pastors who have big churches in Ghana and the churches have branches in America are all silent since America passed the law to make homosexuality a legal thing. Either they are silent because they support the new law, or they do not want to have problems with America because they have churches there and the churches are making a lot of dollars for them. We all have to start praying because I can smell it in the air that there are people in very high places pushing a gay agenda for Ghana; and our churches cannot help it,” Bonsam added.

Source: Daily Guide


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