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    Nyantakyi Conspired With Committee To Fire Kwesi Appiah – Christopher Opoku

    Kwesi Nyantakyi with Kwesi Appiah

    Sports Analyst Christopher Opoku says the Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Kwesi Nyantakyi and the Emergency Committee conspired to unfairly sack Coach Kwesi Appiah after they had expressed full confidence in him when he arrived in Ghana from Brazil.

    “This is a clear case of constructive dismissal”.

    The allegedly lost his job due to the players’ loss of confidence and also for publicly denying that he requested for a technical assistant, contrary to what the GFA had said.

    Speaking on Peace FM’s morning show. Mr. Opoku questioned why the Emergency Committee was tasked to fire the coach when Executive Committee was not informed about the decision and had no idea the coach was going to be sacked.

    He said Mr Appiah’s sack was unfairly done especially when he had to hear about it in the media without any formal communication from the FA.

    According the Sports Journalist, the GFA hired Kwesi Appiah just to please the people of Ghana after his successor Goran Stevanovic lost the 2012 Nations Cup semi-final match to Zambia.

    He said the GFA was bent on firing Kwesi Appiah after the Black Stars team qualified for the African Nations Cup in 2012 but lacked sufficient grounds to do so.

    Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah was relieved of his duty as head coach of the Senior National Coach on Thursday, September 11, 2014.

    The decision taken by the GFA was to allow Serbain trainer Milovan Rajevac who coached the Black Stars from 2006 – 2010 to take up the job. The Serb had reportedly refused to be technical advisor to Kwesi Appiah who incidentally was his assistant.

    However, Mr Opoku said the decision to sack the coach would have been reasonable if it was based on the fact that he failed to achieve his targets but the reason GFA has given cannot be understood.

    He said “Kwesi Nyantakyi and every single member of the Black Stars management committee must resign”.

    Sports development

    Christopher Opoku
    Christopher Opoku


    When asked about his general impressions of sports development in the country, Christopher Opoku said current happenings in the sports sector in Ghana show that sports is not taken seriously but rather treated as a joke.

    He said talents in the other major sporting disciplines in the country have been neglected while the total attention which has been given to the Black Stars which is not yielding any results.

    The Sports Analyst said, if little of the attention and resources pumped into the development of the Black Stars team is focused on the development of other major sporting talents, sports will be on a much better level than it is now.

    Government’s role

    “Respective governments since 2001 have lost focus on how to treat sporting talents in the country, the Premier League and Division One teams are in shambles,” he said.

    Mr Opoku questioned why Parliament approved the payment of $82,500 to each of the seven management committee members during the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil.

    “How can you sign such an amount to be paid to a management committee member? They should not have received that amount of money,” he emphasised.

    He also questioned why government did not have the courage to tell the players to come back home when they threatened not to play their match against Portugal but had to fly $3 million to Brazil for them to be paid.

    According to him, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ghana Football Association (GFA) should take full responsibility for the indiscipline the players displayed during the tournament.

    Management of sports in the country is like “building a house from the roof to its foundation” which he said should is a wrong.

    Credit: Faustine Akwa | Myjoyonline.com


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