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NPP General Secretary, Mr Kwabena Agyapong, You Must Come Clean On This Matter!

From the grapevine has emerged allegations of NDC financing you in diverse ways, whereas you are a duly elected General Secretary of the NPP.

Available information has it that, among a variety of benefits that you, as the NPP chief scribe enjoy directly from the NDC, and indeed the ruling government, or any of its officials, is a Japan – made lefthand drive Forest Green coloured Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number GM 615-14, designed and built for private and commercial use. The vehicle is valued between US$80,000 and US$100,000. It has a chassis/engine number recorded as JTMHV0912E4128711.

The above allegation has been a cause of major concern to a huge number of NPP registered members, supporters, sympathisers, and admirers, to the effect that you as the General Secretary of an opposing Party to a ruling Party in government, can confidently and comfortably, enjoy being in the driving seat of such an expensive vehicle as a gift, and indeed a gift provided by an opponent governing Party; for whatever reason and indeed whatever purpose, is the basis of our quest for answers.

What people want to know from you is whether or not as the elected General Secretary of the NPP, you have ever been in the driving seat of either the vehicle with the above description, or any such vehicle with same or similar description to that provided above.

If yes, we the NPP public, as well as Ghanaians would like to see the vehicle’s original purchase documents, from the date it came to his possession, such as the logbook, including licensing details etc.

Secondly, if you have, by the tenets of transparency, and as an elected official of the NPP, in whom there is a vested duty of trust and confidence to evoke your disposition to honesty, sincerity, openness and steadfastness, we want to know if you, Mr Kwabena Agyapong, General Secretary of the NPP, have ever informed your electors by any means available to you, of the source of your financial strength and power in procuring such an expensive vehicle for your use, whereas it is the duty of the Party to provide you with means of mobility, irrespective of how modest it might be.

On the contrary, if it is a gift, a loan, a trust, a pawn, or an exchange, a greater good of the majority of not only NPP members etc, but Ghanaians would want to know how the vehicle came to your possession.

For a brief concluding note, it may be recalled that Dr Josiah Ayee, one time NDC General Secretary, was booted out from office without any hesitation, for accepting US$1,000 from Mr Stephen Ntim of the NPP.

If what we are hearing, corresponding to what we are seeing, and what we have known to be the fact, in regard to the above allegation is true, then, proportionately, you Mr Kwabena Agyapong would have committed 80 to 100 times the gravity of the offence that NDC chief scribe, Dr Ayee once committed, and which cost him his office as General Secretary.

As a brief note of caution for your attention, Mr Agyapong, this is only the beginning of an interrogative investigatory inquest, designed to allow you to come clean on this matter, and at the soonest possible, or else you will be helped to come clean, whereby you will be provided with further details in my possession, that can be of help to you in coming clean.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa
(London, UK)


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