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No Beef With Kenpong’s Ex-Lover – Khareemah Aguiar

Popular actress Khareemah Aguiar has denied reports that she is angry with Mona aka Hajia4real, ex-lover of businessman Kenpong.

‘I don’t know Hajia4real. The only time I saw her was when stories about her were in the media. I mean, I have not seen her in person before and she is not my friend. I don’t even follow her on Instagram (IG). Why will somebody pick my Instagram post and categorically state that I was referring to her? Is that what journalism has come to in Ghana? Why didn’t they call me to find out who I was referring to in my Instagram post?’ Khareemah queried.

Mona aka Hajia4real
A Ghanaian website reported that Khareemah Aguiar was angry with Hajia4real for blocking her on Instagram and that she went on Instagram to vent her spleen on her.

‘So I go through my list and I realise some kid blocked me from her IG page…..really? Kid you sure did me a favour because I ain’t gonna follow your dumbness and stupidity. It has nothing on me because what you feel is a priority to you right now, was done years back. I know likes on IG ain’t for sale but I ain’t gonna waste my likes on you in some 1st class flight u didn’t even pay for…

‘My likes are expensive; wasting my likes on you, I’d rather like the page of a dog or cat… I blocked you too… Bitch grow up and get a life… life is not all about IG and shoes or celebrity kids you date just to better your CV or musicians who are also as dumb as you are… check where you are coming from and get it right, scar face,’ she reportedly posted on her Instagram page.

The website categorically stated that she was referring to Hajia4real, even though she didn’t mention any name.

But Khareemah told NEWS-ONE that her comment was not targeted at Hajia4real. Also, she said she did not follow Hajia on Instagram.

However, she did not mention who she was referring to in her IG post because, according to her, it was not necessary.


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