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Nii Ayi III urges Chiefs to rule in peace and unity

Source: Ben LARYEA

The Bubiashie Mantse, Nii Ayi III has urged all Chiefs in the Ga State to rule in peace and unity to enable their respective jurisdictions received the needed socio-economic developments to transform their communities.
He said Chiefs must rule in line with the lay down customs and traditions for peace to prevail saying the gesture will leave a legacy for other Chiefs to follow their foot prints.

The Bubiashie Mantse made the call during the Homowo festival party organised under the auspices of Bubiashie Asere Kotopon in Accra.
In attendance were the Bubiashie Seitse, Numo Narh, Asafoatse Amarkwei, Nii Shipi Ayikwei, Naa Amankwa Oduoye I, Bubiashie Manye, opinion leaders and other Muslim Chiefs.

Nii Ayi III who was installed a year ago called on the people of the community to cooperate with him in the performance of his traditional rights to bring development through government and urged the elders of the Asere Stool Council to engage community members by organising durbars to make their needs known to the Stool.
“Address all issues to the traditional Council when issues arises in the community and explained further that such moves will help in a smooth dialogue and deliberation”, he said.

Nii Ayi III advised the elders to refrain from backbiting and work with a collective approach in lifting the image of Bubiashie and that of the Council adding that it is in unity that the community will witness growth and development.
On conflicts in another parts of the Ga State, he attributed it to mainly the rampant sales of lands to multiple people, installation of two to three chiefs in one community and described the acts as very worrying and again called on Kingmakers to follow due process in the installation of Chiefs.

He advised the youth not to be used by people with ill motives in creating chaos and mayhem in the community and cautioned them to avoid social vices adding that his doors are always open for issues and discussions.

For her part, Bubiashie Manye Naa Amankwa Oduoye I called on parents to educate their children particularly girls to enable them have control over their destiny, adding that when women are well educated it impacts positively on the society.

She advised girls to respect their parents and take advantage of the opportunities given to them by parents especially school education and advised them to stay away from peer pressure.
Asafoatse AmarkweI of Bubiashie challenged elders, youth groups and the community to cooperate with the Chief in the discharge of his traditional obligations to enhance the infrastructural development of the community.


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