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Nii Adama Djata, King Oyanka To Embark On New Projects

Nii Adama Djata, King Oyanka To Embark On New Projects

It would be recalled that in May of 2021, Laremy Wade was enstooled as Norya Mantse in the Abola Piam and Anamase Paramount Kingdoms as a registered Chief given the stool name, “Nii Adama Djata” for his contributions to the technological and spiritual fields of occupancy in Ghana by the Paramount ruler of the Anamase Kingdom, Nii Anumle Oyanka I.

In August 2022, Asafoatse Nii Adama Djata (known in his private life as Laremy Wade) was appointed as the Grand Master worldwide of the Okonfo Atchingali Temple and Shrine by Royal Founder and Overseer Nii Anumle Oyanka I.

Asafoatse Nii Adama Djata would set out on a spiritual campaign with the help of his royal agent who would help with graphic design, Priestess Osunyimika, motivated by ancient forces to establish over 22 ancestral temples in 7 countries worldwide.

Of these 22 temples, Nii Adama Djata would physically buy land and build temples from scratch in 5 different West African Countries (Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Congo) with his funds and with the physical labour of local spiritual families from the areas of West Africa as the Main Shrines and what would become the districts of the borderless, United Nations registered State, known as the “Okonfo Atchingali Temple State”. With its constitution and High Priesthood who are responsible for each district. The districts are Ghana (headquarters shrine and district), Nigeria (three districts), Benin (two districts), Sierra Leone (Tonko Limba District), and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Farm District).

The Okonfo Atchingali Temple State has decided to bring the ritual and celebratory sounds to the rest of the world as a blessing and constant reminder of our ancient past which we mutually can share the joy and benefit of around the world.

As part of the mission statement of the Anamase Royal Alliance Council started by Nii Anumle Oyanka, we of the Okonfo Atchingali Temple State seek to bring awareness and astounding resources of our heritage to educate the global citizens who are discouraged and otherwise those who are unaware of the many fascinating arts sewn into the ancient beliefs of our people.

The self-determination of the borderless divine nation-state is founded upon the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People and we seek to breathe constant life into this divine mission as an homage to our ancient ancestors and the promise to the children of the future.

From August 1, 2022, to the present, Asafoatse Nii Adama Djata has independently funded and organized over 30+ sacred public performances that are free of charge to attendees to give the gift of our rich traditions to the world.

There are also about 10+ books that are available from most bookstores online so we have provided a link on this profile as well for those who are interested.

Each item purchased by anyone who helps to support the world’s mission of ancient traditional awareness and artistic appreciation is kindly welcomed even if it is just listening to one of our streaming tracks which is free of charge to you.

It may end up helping many indigenous people from these districts who are in constant need. Please take time to view each of the past performances listed in the events section of this profile and you will see that we are growing in interest.

Most of the videos and flyers from these performances are also located on this profile as well.

Listen to the sounds of the Okonfo Atchingali Temple and let the power of the ancient ancestors guide you.


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