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Nigerian Robbers Raid ADB Bank

The suspected robbers and the money
The two suspected Nigerian armed robbers who allegedly broke into the Kpeve branch of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) in the Volta Region will be facing a court in Ho tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21, 2013.

The two, Toisin Robert, 40, and Ndubisi Prince, 32, who are currently in the grips of the Police, admitted to robbing the said bank and disclosed that they were six in number. Over GH¢11,000 was retrieved from the two gangsters.

They however failed to give details of the other four, claiming that they were all contacted and coordinated separately by an unknown person.

The two Nigerians reportedly robbed the bank with their four accomplices on Friday dawn at about 3:00am.

They tied the only private security man on duty, broke into the bank and made away with an unspecified amount of money. They immediately dispersed after the robbery, but luck eluded the two who were arrested a few hours later.

Confirming the incident to DAILY GUIDE, the Volta Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae said, ‘Because of the holiday, they will be arraigned before the court on Tuesday.’

He noted that the investigators were seriously putting the necessary facts together.

Security cameras at the bank were also being assessed for more evidence while a manhunt had been initiated to arrest the other four.

Confused Robbers
Although the two robbers admitted to the crime, their statements, hinted a source at the Police, indicated some form of confusion and contradiction.

He said the two Nigerians indicated that they did not know each other.

Secondly, they could not tell where the other four were, because they did not know them either, since all six of them were coordinated separately by an unknown person.

More so, their accounts as to how they robbed the bank were contradictory, with one claiming the bank doors were already open to them, while the other said they broke into the facility.

DCOP Gyinae said his men arrested the two at separate locations last Friday afternoon.

Toisin, according to the police chief, was onboard a vehicle heading towards Ho when he was arrested at the Kponvie Police Barrier with a knapsack bag containing various denominations of money to the tune of GH¢ 9,481.

Ndubisi on the other hand was arrested at Bosso with an amount of GH¢1,762, making a total of GH¢11, 243.

DCOP Gyinae however noted that the total amount of money taken out of the bank was yet to be ascertained by bank officials.

He assured the public that the four other suspects and the chief conspirator would be arrested.

He said, ‘We are still scouting for the rest—four of them… they are supposed to be six who were invited from various places by a particular person for the operation, who we are still looking for…’



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