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NDC USA Chapter Wishes Ghanaians a Happy Easter

NDC USA Chapter Wishes Ghanaians a Happy Easter

The Chairman of the National Democratic Congress Chapter in the United States of America (NDC-USA) Maame Aba Dadzie has on behalf of the chapter wished Ghanaians a happy easter most especially to the members of the National Democratic Congress across the globe.

Maame Aba in a press release noted that the 2024 General election is not going to be easy and therefore NDC as a party will need everyone’s efforts and contributions to wrestle power from the incompetent Akufo-Addo-Bawumia led government.


Easter message to NDC USA membership

Happy Easter!!!

Fellow Comrades, as we celebrate the end of Passion Week, often called ‘Holy Week’, a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ today all over the world, it is my fervent prayer that this day brings us hope of a new day and a better tomorrow, may it also bring us peace, and fortitude and rekindle our hope for better days ahead, as we continue to prepare for Victory 2024, “The Rescue Mission” in the upcoming general elections in Ghana. Our motherland Ghana has been mismanaged for far too long, by this inept, corrupt, and incompetent Nana Akufo Addo and Bawumia-led NPP government.
We in the NDC are poised to return to power come 2024. The general citizenry of Ghana is looking up to the NDC to rescue the nation from this over-borrowing NPP government, with nothing to show for it, except for Building generational wealth for their friends and families at the expense of the suffering ordinary Ghanaians.

Comrades on this Easter Day, kindly permit me to thank all those that attended our Reconciliation seminar last weekend and expressed their thoughts and opinions on our Pre and Post Chapter/Branch 2022 elections. We, the current Chapter Executives under my leadership, are fully committed to bringing everyone on board for the daunting task ahead.
Election 2024 is not going to be easy, we, therefore, need everyone’s efforts and contributions for this rescue mission, we cannot afford to have some of our comrades sit on the sidelines, NDC USA is big enough to accommodate each of us, reconciliation is the only way forward, let’s set our differences aside and come together in the spirit of oneness of purpose and agenda for the better and greater good of our dear party, the National Democratic Congress. Don’t wait until the next elections to say I can do better, if you can, let’s do it together now, not tomorrow. All ideas are wholeheartedly welcome. NDC Victory 2024 Is A Must and Surely, We Shall.

On behalf of myself and the entire executives, I would like to wish you and the entire membership of NDC USA, a Happy Easter. May your day be filled with the joy of the end of Holy Week and the renewal of the hope that Jesus Christ died but has risen again.
Happy Easter.

Maame Aba Dadzie,
Chairman-NDC USA.


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