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NDC UK & Ireland Chapter Chairman, Alhaji Alhassan Mbalba Chide President Akufo-Addo And Dr. Bawumia For Collapsing The Ghanaian Economy

In a recent interview organised on OMEGA live TV in London, the Chairman of the UK/Ireland chapter of the National Democratic Congress never minced words when he called out the Akuffo Addo-Bawumia led administration for destroying the Ghanaian economy. 

The worst part of it all according to Chairman Mbalba is the fact that they have no clue on how best to even tackle the free fall of the Ghanaian cedi due to their unprecedented excessive borrowing and flamboyant spending. This poor style of leadership of borrowing for consumption without productivity and unprecedented corruption are what Chairman Mbalba asserted as some of the reasons for the sharp decline of the Ghanaian economy.

 He cited how in other parts of the world, leaders take responsibility for their actions and under such abysmal performance, would have done the honourable thing by resigning. Comparing the former Chancellor of the Exchequer of the UK, Hon. Kwasi Kwarteng MP to Mr. Ken Ofori Attah, the Finance minister, Chairman Mbalba quizzed why the latter should still be holding on to power with how he has denigrated the public trust bestowed on him since 2017.

Chairman Mbalba hastened to add, that to pour salt to injury, his direct cousin, President Akuffo Addo, has failed to show leadership by not removing him from office with all the indicators of a failed finance minister ticked.

It showed clearly that Ghanaian as a country is now being run as a Ponzi scheme, where you promise people what you cannot deliver. Chairman Mbalba buttressed the recommendation by President John Dramani Mahama for the head of Ken Ofori Atta to roll if indeed the Ghanaian economy was to see the light of day especially with how the ratio of the national debts to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is over 90%.

Ghana is currently struggling to pay recurrent expenditure and you do not need a soothsayer according to Chairman Mbalba to tell you the country is on its knees and broke (bankrupt). He further admonished the head of the Government Economic Management Team, who has been missing in the midst of all the turbulence the country is going through to eat a humble pie and admit he owes former vice president of Ghana, Paa Kwesi Amissah Attah of blessed memory an apology for undermining his persona through his fraudulent and deceptive weekly public lecture in the run up to 2016 elections.

Its time Dr. Bawumia answers his 170 questions to former vice present Amissah Attah himself, thus if he has any integrity left. As the adage goes, when a bird stays too long on a tree it attracts a stone and when water is kept in a bottle for far too long, it begins to smell, a serious government according to Chairman Mbalba would have considered re – shuffling to curb the possibility of corruption within its rank and file but because the president himself has some cobwebs in his cupboard on issues of corruption, he is not able to come out clean on re – shuffling of his appointees.

On the argument being made by the NPP government communicators regarding the global pandemic and the Russian/Ukraine war the main justification for our current predicaments as a country, Chairman Mbalba stated emphatically that the economy of Ghana was already in an intensive care unit (ICU) even before COVID 19.

The genesis of our current struggle originated from the decision of the president to make data bank owned by his cousin, the finance minister, Ken Ofori Attah, as financial advisors for some of Ghana’s international loan transactions because the more we borrowed money ostentatiously, the richer Ken Ofori Attah and his family becomes. Touching on inflation in Ghana reaching 37.3%, the highest ever in two decades, the host, Mr. Kofi Cula, asked Chairman Mbalba what the NDC will do different if they were in power.

Chairman Mbalba said at least the NDC would have been honest enough to Ghanaians and told them the truth about the economy and take responsibility, rather than attributing everything to a global pandemic and Russian-Ukraine War. If the Ghanaian economy were resilient and with financial absorbers, the country would not have sunk to the level we are seeing now. The flagship programmes of the NPP (Free SHS, 1D1F etc) according to Chairman Mbalba are now all dysfunctional and sick to the bone marrow. 

Touching on the judiciary and some of the verdicts being delivered by the highest court of the land, Chairman Mbalba said the threat of contempt of court has now become the order of the day and has gradually opened the floodgates for our law courts to now be places where politically motivated judgements are read, yet Ghanaians are afraid to criticise judicial verdicts.

Touching on Galamsey, Chairman Mbalba said the President of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo is naked, and his government lacks the political will and moral authority to fight Galamsey menace in Ghana. He said president Akuffo and his appointees threw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians and pretended they were fighting galamsey and when everyone went to sleep, they destroyed our water bodies with their greed to amass so much wealth.

 Chairman Mbalba also stressed that the level of hardship Ghanaians are being subjected to is actually becoming a threat to national security hence President Akuffo should at least listen to Ghanaians and go back to the drawing board again as his style of leadership is nothing to write home about.

On the part of the NDC UK/Ireland Chapter upcoming elections, Chairman Mbalba hinted that he will be seeking re-election when nominations are opened.  And he is optimistic that the electorates in the chapter will vote overwhelmingly to retain him as Chairman for the second time based on his track records.

 He cited the accelerated recruitment drive strategy through the opening of several branches across the entire UK coupled with the  Covid-19 Support Group set up during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic  to support members  as key flagship programmes instituted by his administration of which the membership very much appreciated. He wished all those vying for various positions the best of luck  but admonished them to do so with the outmost respect to each other  as NDC has room for everyone whether win or lose.


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