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NDC China Chapter Commemorate With China On Their 73rd National Anniversary

The Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the diaspora wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in China commemorates with the Peoples’ Republic of China as they celebrate their 73rd National anniversary today 1st October 2022. 

The Chapter Chairman, Mr. Onyame Daniel Tetteh took the day to wish all NDC party faithfuls in the Chapter and Ghanaians in China as a whole a happy celebration with peace and better days ahead in the coming years. He admonished party members to continue in their stride in their various endeavors and be law abiding even though the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives (school, work) in China and their inability to return home. He further urge Ghanaians in China to speak out against the harsh economic hardships and mismanagement back in Ghana and use all media of communication to let their voices heard on national issues such as rising cost of living, frequent power outages affecting productivity, etc.

Dr. Richmond Afotey Nii Okle, the Chapter Secretary, additionally thanked members of the Chapter for their sheer love and devotion to the cause of the NDC in China over the years. He touched on party members hunger and quest to see the incompetent NPP government out of the country’s leadership come 2024.

He said this can only be done when we as Ghanaians unite and vote massively to chase the lazy elephant back to the bush. As touted by everyone, the country is in tatters with dire economic hardship and profligacy all across the sectors of the economy, not forgetting the downgrade of our financial outlook by Fitch from a CC to CCC junk economy status and government’s inability to establish sound financial and fiscal discipline since 2017 when they took power even though they inherited a colossal amount of crude oil and Gas reserves discovered by the erstwhile President John Dramani Mahama’s NDC-led government. 

China National Day, officially the National Day of the Peoples’ Republic of China, is annually celebrated on 1st October to celebrate the founding of the Peoples’ Republic of China in 1949. Chinese people enjoys 7-day holiday from October 1st to 7th which is known as the Golden week. There are usually many activities held across the country especially in Beijing. It is also a peak time for citizens to travel back to their homes to commune with their families.

Dr. Richmond Afotey Nii Okle
NDC China Chapter Secretary


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