Home MUSIC NaaNa Blu releases ‘You Go Miss Me’ featuring Teephlow

NaaNa Blu releases ‘You Go Miss Me’ featuring Teephlow

Ghanaian musician NaaNa Blu has released her new single ‘You Go Miss Me’ featuring the talented multi-award-winning rapper Teephlow – out now on all major streaming platforms.

NaaNa Blu’s smooth vocals work nicely with the cool but danceable tempo and neatly mixed musical arrangement, with the award-winning rapper lacing his rap lines to create a beautiful song of romance gone wrong.

According to NaaNa Blu “the song is me sharing the feeling one expresses when dumped by a loved one. In fact, it is a warning to my EX. (lool)”.

‘You Go Miss Me’ is a breakup song. It’s full of whiplash moments that swing from severe anger and feelings of betrayal by a woman who is dumped and made to feel inadequate, ending with crying-in-the-shower moments.

Teephlow is notorious for oversharing, and NaaNa Blu does nothing to upend that reputation; he’s clearly going through it and needs his audience — whether that’s the listener or his ex — to feel every visceral detail as he spills his guts.

“You Go Miss Me” is out now on all usual streaming platforms and is a must-add for your Afrobeats and Highlife playlists.

Listen to ‘You Go Miss Me’ by NaaNa Blu below:


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