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Muslim bisexualist and three daughters go missing as community kills partner over anti LGBTQ+

A Muslim bisexualist has gone into hiding after surviving a communal crackdown that caused the death of his partner at Sabon Zongo in Bawku.

Danjuma Yahaya and his partner Baba Ali were busted at their private residence by a rampaging anti LGBTQ task force established to ensure the Bawku township is cleared off any LGBTQ activity.

Yahaya, a divorcé father of three, escaped the Sunday night lynching but Ali was overpowered and got stoned to death, local reports say.

The incident that happened on the 15th of May is said to be the most brutal crackdown ever to be carried out by the task force in their 2 years of operation.

According to our Upper East correspondent, the cattle farmer and his three girls are believed to have fled the town as the task force have launched a search for them.

The Muslim dominated Sabon Zongo is a known anti LGBTQ community in the region.

Their action comes at the back of a claim by the Member of Parliament Honourable Mahama Ayariga that the LGBTQ+ “do not have right in Ghana”.

Yahaya’s bisexual life was not known until he divorced his wife a year ago out of a painful heartbreak.

His wife, Ladi Abu, was reportedly caught cheating with Yahaya’s bosom friend in a Hotel, putting their 14 years-old marriage in tatters.

Though a devoted Muslim, Yahaya vowed not to have anything to do with a woman in his life again after his failed marriage with Ladi.
However the community became suspicious of him after Baba Ali, a known bisexualist man, was frequently seen visiting Yahaya’s residence at odd hours.

It is believed that the 15th May raid was carried out upon a tipoff by some Muslim neigbours of Yahaya after Baba Ali visited him that faithful night.

Under serious threats amid a pandemonium at the residence, Yahaya was able to sneak out through the window while his partner Baba Ali could not find any refuge.

He was beaten with heavy stones till he became lifeless, while his attackers chanted in jubilation and openly declared war on LGBTQ+ society

Bawku, a town in the Upper East is known for its traditional beliefs and predominance in Islamic practices.

In February 2021 the Bawku Central lawmaker Mahama Ayariga warned the LGBTQ+ community to recognise they have no rights in Ghana.

Speaking onlive TV broadcast, Honourable Ayariga said people who own up to being homosexuals in the country must be identified and face prosecutions.

“They don’t have the right to practice gay or lesbianism so they can’t say their rights have been violated. You don’t have the right to be gay or lesbians in Ghana. But I’m saying any person can advocate that we should confer that right on them,”Mr. Ayariga told Serwaa Amihere on GHOne TV Tuesday.

Meanwhile the community leaders of Sabon Zongo have announced a handsome reward for any report that could lead to the arrest of Yahaya, who is believed to have moved southwards of the country where people are believed to a bit liberal with LGBTQ+ practices.

Beside Islam and Christianity, Ghana has a strict traditional rule against LGBTQ activities, which over the years has contributed in the heightened homophobia and discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community.

In 2021, members of Ghana’s LGBT community spoken out about the discrimination they face, after a center for the community was forced to close amid an anti-gay threats.

Source: Ghanaguardian.com


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