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Meet South Africa’s youngest millionaire – Photos

The Foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market in the world, at least four trillion dollars is traded on currency markets on a daily basis.

This market is known for its volatility and high risk nature, which is why it is mostly traded by banks and big corporate institutions.

However a young South African trader has managed to crack it.

Sandile Shezi has successfully learnt how to trade currencies and at just 23 he has become one of the youngest multi-millionaires in the country.


Over the years he has managed to build business relationships that have led him into establishing one of Durban’s most successful forex training companyies which he named Global Forex Institute based at Mhlanga, Durban, South Africa.


Global Forex Institute is about grooming people and making them understand when is the right time to buy or sell and how you go about avoiding loosing your capital.

Shezi and his team want to make sure that everyone understands trading.

Shezi now wants to empower other young South Africans to do the same.

Source: CCTV Africa


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