Home BUSINESS LG Set to excite customers with new audio products

LG Set to excite customers with new audio products

LG Set to excite customers with new audio products

LG soundbar models deliver rich, true-to-life sound that captivate with their accuracy and depth. It leverages the company’s long-standing partnership with Meridian Audio with more models featuring the company’s finely-tuned technologies such as Bass and Space, which boosts low-frequency reproduction and widens the soundstage and Image Elevation, which ensures a more lifelike listening experience by elevating the perceived height of lead instruments and vocals. Furthermore, the majority of the newest lineup supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for dynamic and thoroughly immersive audio.

LG’s impressive audio lineup is spearheaded by the premium LG Soundbar (model SP9A), which boasts an output of 520W and 5.1.2 channels of pure surround sound immersion as a holistic high-end solution. The matching designs of LG Soundbars and LG TVs are made to complement your home as well as each other. Every design element has been carefully considered so that they become a part of your interior and add style to your space. LG Soundbar SP9A delivers 24bit/192kHz High-Resolution Audio. This produces more accurate sound reproduction so you hear everything as you’re supposed to.

Despite its compact size, LG Eclair (model QP5) delivers powerful performance with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X support while still keeping peace with the neighbors with its low vibration, power bass subwoofer. Measuring only 296 x 59.9 x 126mm – only one-third the width of LG’s previously smallest 3.1.2 channel Atmos soundbar, SP8YA – LG Eclair features a chic oval design and jersey fabric in classic black or white that blend in seamlessly with any modern décor.

LG Soundbar models including SSDP7Y, SN5Y and SN5 are available in all Francophone Market in West Africa. To know more about these soundbars, kindly visit https://www.lg.com/africa/sound-bars

“Our goal has always been to bring better sound to more people and by offering more great products that leverage our successful partnership with Meridian, our latest soundbars help achieve this,” said Daesun Hwang, General Manager, Home Entertainment, Audio Visual Division, LG Electronics West African Operations. “High-performance, convenient and very versatile, LG’s newest models will make the premium audio experience accessible to more customers.”

Speaking on the available models in Francophone Market, Mr. Hwang said, the LG XBOOM comes in various models and designs. The new LG XBOOM 360 speaker (model RP4) features a conical-cylindrical design and delivers authentic, omnidirectional audio that is perfect for any space or occasion. Pleasing to the eye, the speaker’s unique form factor enables LG XBOOM 360 to radiate sound in all directions for a lifelike performance with impressive power and clarity. Ideal for today’s lifestyle focused on small social gatherings, this stylish speaker is available in the market.

What most of this LG XBOOM have in common is the Bluetooth capability which allows you turn the ultimate speaker into the ultimate speakerphone like the ON9, 7 and 5 which are all one body models.

Liven up your next party with this LG XBOOM audio system. A built-in DJ pad and dance lighting with a party strobe ensure your guests dance all night long, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play your favorite tracks. This LG XBOOM audio system offers boosted bass for a richer, more dynamic low end. These LG XBOOM Models include; CK99, CL98, CL65 & CJ44 with beautiful designs. To check out more details about the LG XBOOM, visit https://www.lg.com/africa/party-speakers


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