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Kwame Apenteng Condemns Action by Greater Accra NPP Regional Youth Organizer to Sabotage “Operation Clean Your Frontage” Led By Hon. Minister Henry Quartey

The NPP as a political party was formed and structured on the precepts and of the rule of law, hierarchy, and respect for authority. The party’s youth are not known for stubbornly reprobating authoritative actions and exhibiting reckless behaviour that undermines the power of the government and government-led initiatives.

A disgraceful incident occurred at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle on Tuesday, February 1, 2021, when the Regional Minister commenced the ‘Operation Clean Your Frontage’ campaign. This incident, led by Moses Abor must be condemned in no uncertain terms. It is a shame that a leader of the Youth Wing within the region will decide to address his grievance in such an arrogant manner. One would expect such calculated and organized opposition from a non-NPP member.

The Regional Youth Organizer (Moses Abor) of our Party exhibited and carried out an act which was revoltingly gross insubordination and disrespect to the Regional Minister, Hon. Henry Quartey. It was a complete defiance of authority, and a rebellious attitude towards the Security Services, Taskforce Operatives, and other high profile personalities who had led to the successful execution of the work.

In an interview granted to Atinka Media, The Youth Organizer who doubles as the assembly member for the area conceded to being completely ignorant of the exercise and would not allow the work to continue. Such a glaring display of cheekiness! Expectedly, Abor’s attempt to counteract Hon. Henry Quartey’s commendable exercise was distressingly obvious and revealed his true radical character and ardent desire for superiority.

As a matter of fact, a very broad stakeholder engagement was undertaken by the Minister which involved municipal assemblies, driver unions, traders, Regional Party led by the Regional Chairman before “Operation Clean Your Frontage” began.

The Regional Youth Organizer has set a very bad precedent which must be condemned rightly and should not be tolerated in our Party. A Youth Leader is a very sensitive position that requires a high ethical standard, adherence to rules, and respect for authority. If nothing is done about this conduct, he could extend the same unaccepted and distasteful conduct to other revered members and elders of the party.

Moses Abor cannot claim to have taken this action in the interest of our dear party. It is not farfetched to impute that, the Regional Youth Organizer undertook to sabotage the Minister’s Good work to keep Accra clean for personal and selfish interests.

Let me end by quoting this Akan adage “sɛbi, ɔkwasia na ɔse yɛde ne yɔnko na yɛnde ɔno”

Source:Kwame Apenteng,
Okaikwei North Constituency NPP Youth Organiser


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