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Kasoa residents demand arrest of soldiers after shooting incident that injured 3

Residents of Kasoa Millenium City have called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of soldiers who shot and injured three persons in the area on Thursday.

The call is being led by Zongo Chief of Central Region suburb, Tairu Abdalai.

The soldiers accuse the residents of encroaching on lands they bought from real estate company, 21st Century Construction Limited. They stormed the area Thursday afternoon and demolished more than 10 homes.

The residents insist the land belongs to them. They confronted the soldiers who were demolishing their homes, leading to violence.

Photo caption: Police arrive at the scene to restore order

One person is in coma after he was hit in the head by a stray bullet from warning shots fired by military men deployed to supervise the demolition exercise.

Several others also sustained gunshot wounds.

“When [the soldiers] came, they took off their badges, their name tags and even the number plates of their cars. We are waiting for the police to give us a good report [after investigation]”, Tairu Abdalai told Joy News.

He said residents also want CEO of the real estate company, Kofi Asmah, behind bars. He claims the company sold private property to the military.

“The military officers who came to do what is not needed to be done should be put behind bars”, he stressed.

He indicated that residents may be forced to take a drastic action if justice fails.

However, 21st Century Construction Limited has distanced itself from the demolition by the soldiers but applauded them for the action, insisting the soldiers are the lawful owners of the land.

A director of the company Kwabena Albert told Joy News the company acquired the lands legitimately from local chiefs.


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