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Juju Man Wants Parrot Eggs Before He Heals Boy

Nana Dankwa, who is a spiritualist (Juju man) at the ‘Spiritual and Herbal Center’ in Suhum in the Eastern Region of Ghana, has asked the relatives of one Sadick to bring the eggs of a parrot, one bottle of local schnapp and three bottles of coca cola for him to restore he (Sadick) to normalcy.

Nana claims he is responsible for Sadick’s condition because the latter did not obey instructions when he approached him for ‘sakawa money’- blood money which has ensued in his insanity.

Nuhu, the younger brother of Sadick who led a family delegation to the “Juju” man said they heeded to his words to locate his brother somewhere around Achimota Station in Accra and brought him back to the spiritualist who used three days to get Sadick into a stable condition, though he was not able to make his relatives and people around him out.

“We had to pay seven strong men before we could over power him” Nuhu said when referring to the hysterical condition they found his brother at Achimota.

At the healing centre, Nana Dankwa sprinkled some black powder on him to prevent him from running away. “At that moment, the spiritual man asked all of us to leave the room because the process of treatment had started” Nuhu said. He said they could still see Sadick is not fully recovered.

The ensuing development has made Amadu Salifu who is the uncle of Sadick, decided to travel to Benin in search of the so called eggs of the parrot but promised to expose Nana Dankwa, the Juju man and strip him naked to make the whole world see his impotency in the so called powers he claims to have.

Meanwhile, the spiritual man has accepted the challenge and stated once the items are purchased he would be able to treat Saddick.



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