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It’s only NDC teachers who are saying the laptops are not good – Hopeson Adorye

NPP’s Hopeson Adorye says teachers against the distribution of laptops to teachers are members of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

According to him, if they do not like the laptops given to them by the Government of Ghana to enhance teaching and learning, they should return them to government and stop the NDC sponsored propaganda against the great initiative.

Hopeson Adorye questioned them on whether they can get such laptops on the open market for GHC 1,500 adding that they should rather be grateful that government is thinking about them and providing laptops to ensure they are not left out of the digital transformation agenda.

“We need to hold the Teachers Associations responsible in this matter. If we have done this then you are a teacher but a member of the NDC so you will continue to cause trouble, that is your problem. If you say what government has done for you is not good but rather you’ll want to work for the NDC and say the laptops we brought are not of good quality that is your problem.

If you are an NDC teacher and you think that the laptops given to you are not the best and that you don’t like them send them back to where you took them from so that you start preparing your lesson notes in books and let’s see which of them is the best. Which laptop can you get in the open market for GHC 1,500? How much are even toys on the open market?”

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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