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Invest in your future and never give up – Rasbobo to Ghanaian youth

US-based Ghanaian musician, Charles Taylor well-known as Rasbobo has proffered motivation to Ghanaian youth, urging them to live modest lives and to invest more into their future.

According to the musician, only through investing can one truly pull himself from poverty to riches, adding that the youth of today should learn to live their lives not to please anyone but to make sure they have a secure future ahead.

Rasbobo made these comments during his boarding to USA.

He urged the Ghanaian youth to be hardworking, polite and most importantly adopt the habit of saving.

“In order to be successful in life, there are some five things you need to follow, which include being honest, hardworking, respectful, savings and invest more.

“I want to use this opportunity to advise all the youth in Ghana to save the little they earn, and keep on believing in their abilities and potentials, never give up in life,” he advised.

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By: Dailyviewgh.com


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