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I Was Too Spiritual But I Have Seen The Light Now And I Slay For Christ – Diana Asamoah

Ghanaian gospel artist, Diana Asamoah has revealed why her style of dressing has changed over the past few years.

According to Diana Asamoah, she was brainwashed by a fellow man of God who didn’t understand the Bible.

Speaking to Berla Mundi in a recent interview, Diana Asamoah revealed that she wears fashionable clothes, expensive wigs and sexy shoes because she wants to present God and the gospel as not interesting.

The singer, who once described women who wore trousers and other clothes as “worldly,” has said she is now correcting the wrong perception she created about being a Christian she implanted in people.

According to her, the change in how she dresses indicate she has better understanding of what it means to be Christian now. To her, the things she used to criticize are necessities of life.

It is about growth in Christ Jesus. We condemned makeup and other things we thought as worldly but now we have seen the light and realized that being Godly is more about your deeds and not about your looks. I’m correcting the wrong impressions and perceptions about being a Christian I planted into people with my current fashion sense.” She stated.



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