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I was a truthful president to Ghanaians – Mahama

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has said that he was a truthful president.

He believes that his truthfulness is one virtue that led to his downfall as president.

“I was brought up to tell the truth at all times so when I was President, if things were not going well, I told the people of Ghana and what we were trying to do about it. I think my honesty was one of the major problems I had because I didn’t think that I should fool my people”, he said.

The former president is in the Upper East Region as part of his building Ghana tour.

Commenting on the current power crisis the country is faced with, John Dramani Mahama indicated that the current government is shielding the truth adding that he is aware they are shedding power but do not want to provide a timetable because the people of Ghana will conclude that they are faced with a crisis.

“We know that they are shedding the load, they have a problem with generation. Some generation assets are down, they have a problem with paying for gas. Every day they are shedding between 280 and 480 megawatts of power but they will not give us a timetable because that is what Ghanaians know as dumsor”, he said.

Adding that “We must not only hold to account the government that has gone out. We must also hold to account our own people who go wrong while we are in government.”


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