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I was 203 years old before Jesus came – Pastor who has 46 wives and 289 children

An 82-year-old pastor has claimed that he was 203 years old before Jesus came, and he was even the one who consecrated him to start his mission of saving the world.

According to the Kenyan preacher, Ronald Wanyama, he is 82 years old now because he died after living in Israel for 230 years. The founder of Muungano Church of All Nations in the East African country’s Kanduyi constituency said he was born in Egypt, but after five years, he relocated to Israel where he lived for over two centuries.

“I was born in Egypt and after five years, I went to Israel, where I lived for 230 years. I later went back to my creator. I prepared the way for Jesus. I was 203-year-old the time Jesus came. I consecrated him to begin his work before I went to heaven,” Wanyama is quoted to have said.

He went further to claim that when Jesus died, he handed over his powers to him, which he uses now to perform miracles.

“I am the way, the truth, and the last prophet sent by God to save mankind from corruption, homosexuality, and bad governance. When Jesus Christ was crucified, he gave me the power to raise the dead,” he said.

Popularly known as Nabii Yohana V, Wanyama is reported to have said in an earlier interview that God had given Jesus 109 years to carry out his mission on earth, but he was crucified prematurely. He added that after the departure of Jesus, God asked him (Wanyama) in 1941 to finish Jesus’ ministry, an assignment he believes he has done considerable part of and still continues.

“I have attended to over 70,000 people from all over the world who come to me with different problems that I have solved.

“I do not charge anything for my services here. When one is healed and feels like rewarding me, then I accept but I don’t demand any payments. All my teachings are linked to the bible. I am the only man of God who is set to change the gospel of this world,” he is quoted to have told The Standard.

Wanyama has also claimed to be married to 46 women and sired 289 children.

He uses a 93-book bible written by him to preach to his congregation.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan authorities have taken interest his activities and initiated an investigation into his operations.

Kenya’s Bungoma County police commander, Francis Kooli, has invited Wanyama to bring his tools, including the self-written bible for examination.

Kenyan authorities are now vigilant and monitoring the activities of pastors and their churches following the arrest of Paul Nthenge Mackenzie. A tipoff led officials to discover over two hundred dead bodies of his church members, which he allegedly buried his Shakahola forest in the Kilifi County. He had asked the members of his Good News International Church to fast for 40 days to meet Jesus, but he and his family did not participate in the spiritual exercise.


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