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I used to see Ebony physically and in my dreams – Iona Reine recounts

Ghanaian singer and nurse iOna Reine has revealed that she had to consult men of God following constant dreams she had about the late Ebony Reigns.

Ebony Reigns was one of the female dancehall artists in Ghana who went international with her music. She however died at the peak of her career in an accident in February 2018 on the Sunyani road.

After the death of Ebony, her lookalikes popped up on social media of which iOna Reines was part. She imitated Ebony’s sense of fashion and also shot a similar music video of the late singer’s song titled, “Maame Hwe”.

Speaking in an interview with Abena Ghana on “The Journey”, aired on Adom TV, iOna revealed that she started having strange dreams about Ebony where she was smiling at her but said nothing.

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In another dream she recounted, she said “it was a weird dream. She [Ebony] was pregnant and teaching in a classroom.”

However, she said the situation worsened and she began seeing the late Ebony more frequently, even when her eyes are widely opened and in broad daylight.

“At a point, it became very scary. Even when I was doing something, I see her standing by. In one of the dreams, she had come back and some people were chasing us and took her away. The pain I felt in the dream when I woke up, I felt the same chest pain and at that point, I knew I had to get spiritual help.”

iOna disclosed that she spoke to men of God and she received prayers which helped her to stop seeing the spirit of the late artist. She however disclosed that she did not get in touch with the family of Ebony because she did not want to be misinterpreted.

“The reason is that Ghanaians can easily misinterpret your intentions. They can attribute it to me wanting fame or chasing clout so I kept quiet and dealt with it myself,” she said.


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