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I told you Anas was coming; Sarkodie tells judges

Award winning rapper, Sarkodie, has stated that his songs are not political but rather about his feelings on present happenings in the country.

He said his songs were only a reflection on the socio-economic situation in Ghana and although he didn’t expect things to change overnight, he was of the belief that the younger generation who listen to his music would give some thoughts into the issues he addressed in his music.

“I think it’s gonna take time but I’m still sparking up some brains somewhere that we don’t know…I get advice from the old people who are scared because they think the tactic is, ‘oh, let’s come together as one’ but those peace songs, it’s ok. Ghana we have peace. Sometimes we need to have that kind of aggressiveness just to make them think for a second…we need drastic measures,” he said in an interview on Citi FM ahead of the launch of his new album Mary.

In 2012, Sarkodie released a track, Pizza & Burger, in which he rapped extensively on ills affecting the development agenda of Ghana. In that track, Sarkodie mentioned that investigative journalist; Anas Aremeyaw Anas would soon be on the heels of judges who were into taking brides and cautioned them to desist from the act.

Three years down, Anas on Tuesday, September 8 released snippets of information indicating that he had on record some 34 judges taking bribes from litigants, a news Sarkodie says, “I saw it coming.”

“I think it was predictable…but maybe I went directly to where it is now…I saw that coming cos I didn’t see him stopping…I was just rapping based on what I thought he would do,” he said.

Sarkodie, who denied being affiliated to any political party as most of his tracks seemed to align him to one party or the other, said, “I’m not proud to say it but then that is the reality. I have not voted before because it’s always the same thing and it’s not appetising.”

“My mom used to vote for JJ because he is handsome and that is really bad…I don’t think the allowed the right people inside…that’s what I think…it’s just frustrating and just because it’s not going to change overnight doesn’t mean I’m not going to say it. I still have to say it,” he said.




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