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I only respect ladies when I am about to sleep with them – Oboy Siki reveals

Ghanaian actor, Oboy Siki has surprisingly stated that the only time he has any respect for any lady is when he is about to have a s3kual relationship with her.

According to him, he does not really have any form of respect for anyone in the world, especially if the said person is born of a woman like himself.

He stressed that once you are human like him, he does not have any sort of respect for you and as such, he talks to people anyhow.

For ladies, however, Oboy Siki made the exception that under circumstances where he is about to have s3k with them, he will show some respect to the said lady but he losses that respect for her as soon as he is done sleeping with the said lady.

Asked if he has some respect for his wife, Oboy Siki made the point that for his wife he has a lot of respect for her because he sees her as his mother now because his biological mother is dead.


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