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I have my share of marriage troubles — Akumaa Mama Zimbi

She has been a relationship and marriage counselor for fourteen years and many couples turn to her for solutions to problems in their relationships but Akumaa Mama Zimbi aka Joyce Akumaa Dongotey-Padi has revealed in an interview that contrary to what many of her cleints think, she has her own share of problems in her marriage.

“People assume that because I am a marriage counselor and because of the way I advise people on my Odo Ahomaso talk show on Adom FM, I do not have problems in my marriage. The truth is my marriage is not perfect,  I am also as human as my clients are and definitely I have issues with my husband but any time I do, I turn to my mom for help”, she said in an interview with Abena Ghana on the Journey Show over the weekend.

“The relationship between my mom and I is so close that I don’t see myself going anywhere else” ,she said.

Giving an example of some the challenges that she faces in her marriage, she said; “sometimes my husband does not come home early and once in a while, I hear reports about him hanging out with another woman and it is just normal that a wife would want to protect her territory so when I’m unable to get a satisfactory explanation, I run to my mom for advice if it begins to take the better part of me.”

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