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I believe Shatta Wale is on drugs; Just look at his face – Blakk Rasta

Outspoken radio presenter and reggae artist, Blakk rasta has accused Shatta Wale of being hooked on drugs. He described Shatta Wale as a junkie after seeing a video of the latter smoking.

During a phone-in session on 360 show on Akoma 87.9fm, Blakk Rasta shared his take on the ongoing case of publication of false news against Shatta Wale. He called Shatta a junky and a terrible role model for the youth.

In explaining what he meant when he said Shatta Wale is a junkie (a slang used for an addict). According to him, Shatta Wale’s inability to discontinue smoking makes him an addict.

“Jonky means someone who uses drugs and cannot stop. Normally, that’s the word we use for such people. But u can be a junkie of music or can be a junkie of work. But generally is for someone who uses drugs and cannot stop.

“I believe he (Shatta Wale) came out to say that he has stopped smoking. And just last month, if you watch the 1Don video, he was smoking. I don’t what he was smoking … he claimed he has stopped, but now he’s back to it. Which means it is something he couldn’t stop himself from doing. So he is a junkie of that thing.”

When asked if he believes Shatta Wale is on drugs, he replied, “Of course, yes.”

“Someone, who claims he is 37 years. If you look closely at him, he looks like somebody who is 89 years. If it’s not true, tell me. Look at his face. I know because I have seen your (Shatta Wale) birth certificate and passport that says you (Shatta Wale) are 41 years as it stands right now,” Blakk Rasta backed his stance.

According to Blakk Rasta, he does not hate nor fear Shatta Wale. But he is surprised that Shatta Wale is using his fame to negatively influence the youth.

“I hate sin and not the sinner… When Shatta Wale started, I supported him a lot. Not only him, Stonebwoy and others inclusive… But the problem I have is that if God has blessed you to become famous, instead of directing the youth towards the right way, you are teaching them to insult people night and day. You are teaching them to become gamblers… and then you call yourself a Christian. What kind of Christian are you?

“This is what he is using his stardom for. So everyone fears him like a monster. I can’t fear a human being in such a manner because when I die, God will ask me.”

Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly known as Shatta Wale, was arrested for causing fear and panic over a death prank. On Thursday, 21st of October, he was ordered by the high court to serve a week at Ankaful prison. He reappeared in court today and has been granted GHc100,000 bail.

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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