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Hairdresser bitten by snake in woman’s hair

A 25 year-old hairdresser at Agona Asafo near Agona Swedru has been bitten by a snake while washing a woman’s hair.

Ama Kweneboa narrating her ordeal to Adom News said she was in the process of washing the woman’s hair when the incident happened.

She said while washing her hair, she had a sharp cut on her fingers which felt like a snake bite but the woman who had first visited her shop denied having any knowledge when confronted by the hairdresser.

“Immediately I started working on the woman’s hair, I had a sharp cut on my fingers but I ignored it and later realized that my whole hand was swollen.”

She continued: “I asked her what was in her hair but she denied having any knowledge and just after washing her hair I realized that something like a snake was moving around my hand which subsequently got swollen.

“I later rushed to the house where my family confirmed that it was indeed a snake bite. They conveyed me to the hospital but it got worse and so my family confronted the lady who came to the shop to wash her hair and she confessed that she was the cause and took me through some herbal medication before my swollen hand reduced.”

The youth in the area apprehended the woman after her confessions and took her to the elders of the area to decide her fate.

The Asona Benkum Safohene of Agona Asafo, Safohene Kwasi Tawia who confirmed the news to Adom News said the culprit is in their custody pending further investigations.


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