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Grand Master of the World’s Masonic United Nations Visits Oblieman Overlord, Nii Oyanka

Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander 33/96° Frederick Lee McHenry, Sr Is Paying a business meeting visit to Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka, Chief of Obilieman,  Chairman of Anamase Royal Alliance Council, Abola Piam Royal Council and also Chief Executive Officer for Council of International Chambers of Commerce.

The Grand Master of the world’s Masonic United Nations Visits Oblieman Overlord,  Nii Oyanka.

The Grand Master Masonic United Nations is Acompanied by his wife through Laremy Wade also known as Nii Adama Djata, and Graciela Blackstone also known as Queen Naa Adarku Mansa, who rules as the Queen of Business Development from United States Maryland for Ga State of Tunnmaa We Royal Dynasty.

Notable Accomplishments 

• Active Mason for 35 years

• National Imperial Potentate, Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order

Nobles Mystic Shrine

• Past Chief Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Supreme Council of

Scottish Rite Masonic Order

• Past Grand Master of Genesis Willingham Grand Lodge of Georgia

• Military World Wars Honor Medal, U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps

• Civil Rights Soldier Recipient of M.L.K. Medallion

• Currently a Community Leader Standing on the Six Principles of

Martin Luther King, Jr.

• Founder of The Masonic United Nations

• Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander of the United States and of the World

• 33° in the Scottish Rite

• 33° in the York Rite

• 33° in the Moorish Rite

• 96° in the Memphis Misraim Rite

• National Day of Recognition, as registered in the United States

Library of Congress

• Most Puissant Sovereign Commander of King Solomon Supreme Grand

Masonic Embassy of the World, Inc.

• Grand Chancellor – Grand Masonic Alliance TRACIA

• Vice President – The Federal Grand Orient of Italy, North American Division

• United States Grand Priory of the Knights Templars of the Vatican of the

Holy Chapter of Jerusalem of 1804

• Ambassador For Peace- The Universal Peace Federation and the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace People travel to learn and explore new places, coordinating geographically dispersed projects and attempting to cultivate relationships from afar , follow up on projects back home as part of the year of Return.

But the purpose of his visit to the Oblieman King  is still unknown .


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