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Give Ambassador Amadu the Opportunity to Rebuild Nima and Maamobi, Urges Imam Razak

In a heartfelt plea, Malam Razak, a respected Imam from Nima, urges authorities and opinion leaders to entrust the rebuilding of Nima and Maamobi to Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu, Founder of the Afro-Arab Group of Companies. The Islamic scholar emphasizes the potential for a vibrant transformation in both communities under Ambassador Amadu’s leadership, diverging from the trend of allowing betting companies to take root, practices deemed contrary to Quranic teachings.

Malam Razak’s call echoes the desire for a holistic rejuvenation of Nima and Maamobi, steering away from endeavors that conflict with religious principles. The Imam passionately advocates for the communities to embrace the visionary approach of Ambassador Amadu, envisioning a renewed Nima and Maamobi that aligns with the values upheld by the Holy Quran.

Moreover, amidst the fervent appeal, Malam Razak emphasizes the importance of preserving Nima and Maamobi’s cultural heritage. He envisions revitalized townships that harmoniously blend modern infrastructure with the rich traditions that define these communities.

The Imam’s plea extends beyond the physical reconstruction, calling for a holistic revival that nurtures the spirit of Nima and Maamobi, ensuring that the essence of their identities remains intact throughout the transformative process led by Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu.


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