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Ghosts are chasing me – Kumawood actor who celebrated his birthday in the cemetery cries

Kumawood actor Samuel Nkrumah arrived at his birthday venue in the cemetery in a coffin. Now, he is begging for help as he claims ghosts have taken over his life.

“I didn’t want to talk about it, but let me use this opportunity so that if someone has any prayers or help, they can offer it.
I brought out a ring to propose to my girlfriend. When I brought out the ring and kneeled in front of her and asked, ‘Will you marry me? She crossed her arms across her chest and collapsed,” Samuel Nkrumah told Gh Page.

According to his producer, who orchestrated the birthday celebration-at-the-cemetery idea, the intent of their actions was to remind people of their inevitable end.

He said, “Yes, he agreed to lie (in the coffin) because if you don’t make the things you do look real, anyone who sees it will call it a joke. But if you make it as real as you want it to be, you have to get all the needed props. We know that we are going to the cemetery, we can’t go without a coffin… so as we are going there to celebrate a birthday, we need to go with a coffin too.”

Detailing more ghostlike experiences, Remix said that his pastor has refused to respond to his cry for help. Even though he has not regretted his choice of venue, he pleaded with anyone with a solution to come his way.

“When I sleep, I feel I have left my body, and someone is leading me back into my room. I hear noises like someone shaking my door, trying to open it. Sometimes feels like someone is relentlessly looking for me, calling out my name.
This morning, someone opened my door and said come along, they are waiting for us. When I opened my curtains, I saw two people standing outside with their backs facing me. So I have called my pastor, but he’s not picking up my calls.

“I have not regretted it because it was a message we were trying to send across. Once you have a life, you should seek the face of God so that when you die, you will not be miserable. This message is my motive,” Samuel Nkrumah stood his ground.

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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