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Ghana Prez John Mills Was Poisoned, Reuters Reports

Many Ghanaians are profoundly angry and still sceptical about the cause of death of their former President John Evans Atta Mills, with others still demanding for the autopsy’ report and coroner’s inquest to establish the exact cause of the sudden death.

According to the Reuters Senior West Africa reporter Mr Abdul Aziz Anchor in Accra, has revealed in his August 2012 report that the President was killed through poison, quoting from the autopsy report he sighted at the office of one top military officers at the 37-Military Hospital, where the President was reported to have died.

Since the demise of the President, there have been divergent opinions and statements by the government officials and some family members of the late President giving room for various judgments that rests on the grounds insufficient to produce certainty about the cause of the sudden death. Some Ghanaian were of the view that a medical procedure was necessary given the fact that the late president John Mills died tantamount to suspicion, therefore would be an affront to the law and disappointing the international world if such medical procedure was not followed.

Though others, including the Ghana Information Minister, Mr Fritz Baffour, who openly opposed to the demand for the medical procedure, argued that “the President’s death was a private matter, only the family of the late president could call for such a medical probe”. But some think the late President Prof Mills was not a private person since the State was funding every bit of him including his funeral. “The President was sick for less than two or three hours and dies, now a person in that very robust health who suddenly keels over and dies, this cannot be accepted” – some Ghanaians wondered.

However, the Reuters source in Accra added that, “some close family members to the President are believed to have been induced monetarily to foster the poisoning of the President.” This he said was a bad image for a country touted as rapidly growing in democracy and a shining example for many African countries.

According to Abdul Aziz Anchor, the Reuters reporter said, Mr Samuel Mills, who is the only known child of the late President, alluded during an interview on 11th August 2012 that his father Prof. John Mills was found poisoned at a post-mortem examination done in his presence and of the president’s brother, Dr Cadman Mills.

Some reports, especially by news networks outside Ghana actually alluded earlier to a cancer-related death, which was vehemently disputed by the Deputy Minister for Ghana Information Ministry Ablakwa Okudzeto, who claimed that the former president did not die of cancer but of a sudden heart failure.

According to Mr Aziz Anchor, the scheme to eliminate the president was hatched stemming back from when the late President John Mills indicated his disgust and strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence about the alleged inflated prices of Five Aircraft for the Armed Forces which were negotiated by his Vice President Mr John Dramani Mahama (Current Ghana President). The late President John Mills went further to set up a Committee of Enquiry, though, was not made public to investigate who might have authorised the acquisition and the alleged swollen priced of the Five Aircrafts, the hangar to the Ghana Army.
The source in Accra has confirmed that the committee’s report was not submitted to the late President John Mills till his demised therefore one can only assume what will happen to such report if any, since the one who was investigated has been sworn in as the President of Ghana as Ghana constitution demands. Many African Leaders are known as very corrupt and for that matter I don’t intend to go further into this allegation.

According to the report, some schools of thought have also argued that, another inevitable issue that increased the burning threats to eliminate the President was his expression of repugnance caused by the infamous judgment debts paid under his administration and his strong determination to deal with the corrupt individuals in his government, thereby muddying the obvious threats when he caused the arrest and trial of one Mr A.A. Woyome a major financier in the party that brought him unto the Presidency.

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