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GHALCA Chairman Commends Toloba Group President for Sports Talent Development

At the 48th SWAG Awards held at the Accra International Conference Centre, Mr. Kudjoe Fianoo, Chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA), expressed admiration for Mr. Musah Toloba, President and Founder of Toloba Group of Companies, specifically acknowledging the visionary efforts of Toloba Sports Consult, a subsidiary of the Toloba Group, in nurturing and discovering talents at the grassroots level.

During their encounter at the prestigious event, Mr. Fianoo emphasized his open-door policy, welcoming collaboration with Toloba Sports Consult whenever their services are required in the realm of football administration.

In response, Mr. Musah Toloba conveyed gratitude on behalf of the Toloba Group, appreciating Mr. Fiano’s unwavering support. He highlighted the importance of having individuals like Mr. Fianoo who contribute positively to sports development.

Further Collaboration and Impact on Grassroots Sports

Mr. Fianoo, recognizing the potential for fostering grassroots talent, expressed interest in exploring collaborative initiatives with Toloba Sports Consult.

He mentioned the possibility of joint programs aimed at enhancing youth development in Ghanaian football.

In a reflective note, Mr. Toloba reiterated the commitment of Toloba Sports Consult to not only discover talents but also to actively engage in community-based initiatives. He spoke of upcoming projects focused on providing opportunities for young athletes to access quality training and mentorship, emphasizing the long-term impact such endeavors can have on the sports landscape.


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