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Gasmilla under pressure

Hiplife star, Gasmilla is already feeling the pressure of fame and stardom. No, it is not the pressure to keep up with the lifestyle, but the challenge now is maintaining the quality work that has kept him on top of the music charts for almost four months with his song, Telemo.

Proud that Telemo has reigned for this long, he also feels apprehensive over his next release.

“Of course I’m extremely happy and proud that my song has enjoyed very good airplay and all the popularity, but like the saying goes, getting to the top is not difficult, staying there however, is a big challenge.”

Speaking to Showbiz in an interview on Wednesday, Gasmilla real name Milla Lamptey said his challenge now has to do with providing his huge fans with a bigger hit than Telemo.

“People are happy for me because of the success of Telemo but I have a bigger task not to let my fans down. There is pressure from them to do more than what I have done with Telemo” he said.

Explaining further, Gasmilla who is known for other songs such as 3 Points, Aboodatoi, Boshe and Letter To Parliament said the pressure he gets makes him work harder to keep him above his peers.

According to him, there is no way he is letting his fans down because he knows what they want. “I listen to my own songs more than six months and give it to experts to listen to them as well before I finally release them. With that there is no way my song can fail. I am not bragging but Ghanaians are yet to see what I have for them”

When Showbiz asked him about his next song, Gasmilla said it is a surprise “I don’t want to give details of my next song but I promise Ghanaians they are going to enjoy it. The next song will blow the minds of Ghanaians”, said Gasmilla who is almost ready with his album.
Of course with the success of Telemo, one would expect Gasmilla to be looking forward to winning awards at next year’s Ghana Music Awards but Gasmilla said he is sorry to disappoint his fans because he does not think that will happen.

According to him, Telemo was released in 2014 and was submitted at the last edition of VGMA and therefore may not qualify for the subsequent one.
“I released Telemo in December 2014 and submitted to the VGMA board but it was not nominated because I was told it was not popular.

I am not interested in any award now because I am enjoying fame and getting better gigs with the song. My fans singing Telemo all the time is rewarding enough to me” he happily said.

Gasmilla is planning his Homowo clean-up campaign which kicks off on August 15 at Ga Mashie.


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