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Gang Kills Man over Girlfriend

Seven murder suspects who allegedly killed a man over a woman in Francistown’s Somerset East location will await their next court appearance in prison after Francistown Magistrate Sijabuliso Siziba denied them bail.

The gang is accused of killing Thuso Duncan Molalazi of Block 4 location who was fatally shot in the back on Sunday night.

The charged men are Nthoiwa Maxala (33), Tshoganetso Chendzimu Macala(22), Unaludo Madamba(27), Obonetse Sedimo(28) all of Borolong, Macpherson Rodgers Gaogakwe (49) of Tutume and Zimbabwean Thabani Manala of Bulawayo.

Molalazi, a teacher at Tutume McConnell College apparently shared a girlfriend- with whom he has a ten month old child, with one of the accused, Tshoganetso Macala.
It is alleged that incidents that led to Molalazi’s death started in Borolong village when Macala spotted him with the disputed woman in a bar.

An irate Macala allegedly confronted the couple and forced the woman from the bar while the dejected Molalazi left for Francistown where Macala and his friends later followed him.

Witnesses allege that the seven, using two cars found Molalazi in Francistown having a meal with two friends at Barcelós.

Upon noticing the presence of his adversaries, Molalazi is said to have left Barcelos and headed for Somerset East location, but the men chased after him around the location until he hit a dead end and packed his car in a yard where he was shot dead.

When refusing the alleged murders bail, Magistrate Siziba said the prosecution’s fears that the accused may interfere with investigations were genuine.

“I am of the view that the prosecution’s fears cannot be dismissed. I have also taken into consideration the seriousness of the charge “Siziba told the accused persons.

Earlier when requesting the suspects to be kept in the slammer, State Prosecutor, Inspector Goitsemang Sylvester Ramatatome, had asked the court to consider the fact that they are facing a serious offence which carries a possible death sentence.

He further said the suspects may interfere with police enquires and also needed to be protected from the wrath of the bereaved family.

Meanwhile the alleged murderers will appear before Magistrate Siziba for mention on September 29.




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