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Fantasy Dome demolition: The reason behind the destruction and the tenancy issues arising

On Saturday, March 17 the “Fantasy Dome,” owned by Fantasy Entertainment was demolished without prior knowledge of its owner.

The CEO of Fantasy Entertainment, Leslie Quaynor in an interview alleged that the demolition was carried out under the orders of the Ghana Trade Fair Company.

National Security officers and police personnel were present to ensure the successful demolition of the facility, the CEO claimed.

“About an hour and half ago I was trying to reach my security team and I couldn’t reach them so I decided to come by only to find out that the Trade Fair company has under the protection of the National Security razed down my facility.

“With 4 or 5 bulldozers, they just came and within an hour and they just destroyed it,” he told Sammy Flex TV, a YouTube channel.

Is the Ghana Trade Fair company responsible for the demolition?

A report by Asaase radio corroborates the allegation by the CEO of the Dome that the Ghana Trade Fair was behind the demolition.

According to the report, the Ghana Trade Fair said the demolition was necessary to pave way for the construction of power and water infrastructure for the “Ghana International Trade Fair Center Development Project.”

Why did the GTF demolish the facility?

According to the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited, its tenancy agreement with owner of the Fantasy Dome expired on December 31, 2023.

According to report by Asaase radio, the company said all efforts to get the owner of the facility to relocate from the Trade Fair site has proved futile.

Contrary to claim by the Fantasy Dome’s CEO that it had acquired a court injunction to prevent the demolition, the Ghana Trade Fair said it has not been served with any injunction and not aware of the court processes.

The company noted that the dome has hampered the progress of the construction of the new Trade Fair Center for approximately 12 months.

The new Ghana Trade Fair Center

The new Ghana International Trade Fair Center Development Project, when completed, would have a convention and an exhibition center, a technology hub, a retail mall, commercial offices, hotel accommodations, and public realm spaces.

Infrastructure works and construction of the major exhibition center are currently underway.

By: Dan Kwasi Prince || Dailyviewgh.com


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